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What do I make?

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Personally Meaningful Products

Making is a personal process.

First, making encompasses a wide variety of tools, crafts, and skills. Everyone's definition of making will vary and depend on their personal experiences.

Second, it is personally fulfilling to create. What and how you choose to create is an extension of your identity. You will likely learn something new about yourself by making.

Lastly, there is a great sense of personal accomplishment you feel when you make something. Being able to say I did this gives you a unique kind of satisfaction. Putting that IKEA chair together is gratifying, but designing and building your own chair? That is an entirely new experience.

Finally, recall the feeling you might have had when your parents proudly displayed your crayon masterpiece on the fridge, or when you gave them the card using a little too much glue and definitely too much glitter. It's one thing to make something personal to you, but it is an entirely different thing to make something personal for someone else. Those are my favorite things to make.